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Boat full o' Booty! Sold out!
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This 12"x6" ducky pirate boat is packed full of treasure! Your bird will have a jolly good time plundering this booty! Comes filled to the brim with dozens of foot toys & some of our best selling parts available. Once your bird is done partying in the tugboat, you can add some water & bath toys for a new dimension of good times. You get everything you see in the picture!

Bucket o' Booty! $12
Only 4 left!
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This 5"x3" 1/2 pint stainless steel pail is a must have for your parrot. Refill it with foot toys and treats time and time again for endless fun. Our festive buckets come packed full of small toys to chew, throw and dismantle! Great for large conures, quakers, pois, caiques and other birds of similar size. Colors vary, but if you have any special requests we will do our best to jazz it up with you and your bird's favorites! Supplies are limited, so act fast!

Itty Bitty Cage full o' Booty $12
Only 3 Left!
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Finally a cool stainless steel foraging toy for the little guys! This darling little cage is 7.25"x3". Yours will come filled with colorful paper shreds and a variety of some of BirdyBooty's fabulous tiny toys and parts. Once your bird is finished partying the Booty, fill it with more toys, treats or even a buffet of leafy greens! This foraging toy is best suited for little birds like cockatiels, lovebirds and small conures. Refill packs can be added for just $2.