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"Rowan, the boys LOVED their package! I just got home f/ the holidays last night and it was waiting for us. Tigger helped me open the box and they're both thoroughly enjoying their new hanging toys this morning! I took a few pics so thought I'd send them to you. :-) Thanks so much. The toys are great!!" - Leslie


"I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE the bird toys you made for Sheriff Harry S. Truman!!! Seriously, these are the best! We installed a webcam in our bird room so we could be sure he wasn't bored during the day while we're at work, and since receiving the wondeful toys you made, he's been so busy and active and entertained all day long. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please feel free to use our ringing endorsement on your website or in your promotional materials. We love Birdy Booty! And, of course, we will only be ordering from you from now on :)

Thank you again!"

Syd, Eric + Sheriff Harry S. Truman

Project Perry

"Birdy Booty offers enrichment to birds in the form of toys that are custom made to help meet each individual bird's requirements for mental stimulation and physical activity. Their toys are a safe and ethical alternative to many mass produced toys in the market today.

Close care and detail are put into every toy made bringing a personal touch to the enrichment experience. They also support responsible rescue and sanctuary efforts with their toy donation program!

Here at the Sanctuary, Birdy Booty toys have enhanced the environments the birds live in."

- Matt Smith, Executive Director, Project Perry

"Bailey has never really been a player. She was always so close to humans - she had never learned appropriate play behavior. I found myself trying toy after toy after toy just to have them left dusty and lonesome in her cage. When R visited me, she brought me some samples of Booty and, boy, was I ever surprised when Bailey decided this dinosaur toy might just be the best thing ever. The toy has since been demolished and, much to my delight, it seems to be a gateway toy which brought her into playing with some of the older toys in her cage! She has since been really easy to please toy-wise and I haven't seen her turn down one!

I highly recommend BirdyBooty for those of you who might have a bird who hasn't yet learned how to play by themselves. The toys are wonderful, attention-grabbing and a delight to all birds! Thank you for this company and the work you do!" - Cal



"I snapped some good pictures of Trey playing with the new toys we got for him.

He's now completely torn apart two of them! It's really amazing how quickly he adapts to the toys you make versus the toys I can buy for him anywhere else. He just goes after them without fear and without needing to be acclimated to them. I continue to be impressed and will definitely be making more orders." - Amanda

"Attached is the picture I promised you. Pretty Baby LOVES this toy. He cuddles with it, talks to it, and laughs at it while he swings it. He hides behind it when he is being coy. I love watching him enjoy it so much! In the picture, he is hiding behind it and I called his name. He peeked his head through the hole. It made us all laugh." - Peggy

Pretty Baby


"I received my first package from Birdy Booty today. I am so blown away and thrilled! I have had my female Senegal Parrot, Ozzy, for almost three years. In that time I have spent thousands of dollars on toys and enrichment for her. She is a very playful bird and enjoys a variety of textures, shapes and activities. I have shopped at the very best parrot toy stores there are and have been extremely happy with several.

Today was special. When I was unwrapping Ozzy's goodies, I showed her each one. She was attracted to the first two toys right away. But when I showed her the third, the Beaky Valentine, she just went nuts! I have never seen her rip into a new toy so quickly and fiercly! As she was chewing it, she actually tried to climb onto it and grab it in her talons while it was in my hand. I hung it for her right then and she played with it for the rest of the afternoon.

Rowan's concept is phenomenal. She truly assesses your unique bird's species, personality and needs and creates toys accordingly. I think there are a couple of incredible parrot toy companies out there and Birdy Booty is soon going to make it to the top of the list. The materials, textures, colors, designs and construction of Rowan's toys are fabulous.

There is nothing that brings greater joy to my heart than seeing Ozzy happy. Thank you so much, Rowan! We will be back!" - Susan

"I was so excited to learn about BirdyBooty's unique approach to toy-making. I know of no other store that tailors specifically to individual parrots and their likes and dislikes. Imagine, instead of wasting money on toys that your parrot ignores, you can invest in hand-made, high-quality, ADORABLE toys that your parrot will LOVE.

BirdyBooty made the perfect toy for my 12 year old Dusky conure, who prefers to snuggle with his toys - it's on the "samples" page and is called Snuggle Booty. I was amazed at how soft it was, even *I* wanted to snuggle with it!! I admit, I still reach in and touch it from time to time. Sad, I know, but Birdee loves it too, especially since it came with a special message, 'Made with love for Birdee.' I was touched at how personal Rowan made my order; this small gift - a gift tag - was as valuable as the entire package of toys.

Speaking of packaging - you will burst with excitement when you open your booty box. The packaging is almost as fun as the toys!! BirdyBooty is definitely one of the best toy stores today. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your purchase, although you might end up addicted to BirdyBooty!" - Heather



"I just got an amazing shipment of unique/fun toys from BirdyBooty and we (me and my grey) are so impressed - I'm never going to buy another store bought toy again! When I adopted Cassey he was three. He came with a great cage and a ton of toys, which his people rotated on a weekly basis. After a week in my home I contacted them and mentioned that he hadn't yet started to 'play'. They responded that he had never 'played' with his toys. I soon realized that his toys were too large, and they didn't meet his needs. I removed them all, took them apart, and started all over again with foot toys.

Our package from BirdyBooty was perfect - clearly compiled for a toy shy bird, but also challenging enough to keep his interest. I liked the fact that I could simply list his likes/dislikes and get the toys made just for him. The shipment was incredibly quick and the packaging really cute and personal (I felt like we were getting a big box of presents). It is the first time, since I adopted Cassey, that he has touched something other than a foot toy!" - Breese

"My flock just received their first package and are happily plundering their Birdy Booty! (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pirate metaphor.) The toys are creative and fun and definitely designed with a parrot's mental stimulation in mind-they keep my birds happy and chewing for hours. The Shakin' Shapes Rattler is a big hit around here. Packaging is completely adorable, too, and service is prompt and friendly!" - Jill



"Birdy Booty toys are some of the best received toys I've ever gotten for my flock! We're always doing cage makeovers and upgrades, and these toys were such a nice addition. I have conures, cockatiels, and pionus and Birdy Booty toys were able to please all the beaks. My green cheek conure has a problem with overpreening and shows little interest in toys.

Rowan introduced me to foraging toys, and they've been successful so far with occupying his time. I can't thank her enough for helping him heal. The toys are all so different and interesting that even I want to play with them. Sometimes you seem to get the same toy from company to company, and it's so refreshing to see these new ideas at work for your little feathered friends." - Nikki

"I've gotten several toys from BirdyBooty and they have all been such a hit with my birds (green cheeked conure, budgies, cockatiel and eclectus). Specifically, my ekkie's life was flipped over as she never really played with toys until the ones I received from BirdyBooty. She's a much happier bird now and busier (quieter too!!).

I was so shocked the first time I saw actual pieces of destroyed toy on the cage floor and even more surprised when she started playing with them in front of me (something she had never really done with any other toys). Poe had a rough life before I got her, she's a plucker and very clingy so these toys have been a lifesaver.

I also love that I can get a package every month and have the option to be surprised. It's like Christmas with every order. This service has been amazing for my flock, as Rowan designs toys specifically for their likes. She definitely knows how birds like to play!!" - Terri


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