Behind BirdyBooty

Owner, Toy Boss, Customer Service
Owner, Webmaster
Assistant Toy Maker, Photographer
Power Tool Handler

And here are just a few of our toy testers

Ellie The Belly
Green Cheek Conure

Loves - Neon spaghetti string, shiny bells, balsa, rope swings, pony beads, acrylic charms, little buckets and papaya. Ellie was BirdyBooty's first toy tester, and demands payment in the form of scritches & access to hair snuggling.

Hates - Tacky clothing, unusual shoes, step-up sticks and people touching her toys.

White Bellied Caique

Loves - Pointy pine shapes, paper, soft plastic, shiny things, seagrass, chunky balsa, bells, carrots, chinese food and iPhones.

Hates - Pet sitters, brooms used by people that aren't Rowan, red drills, and most dudes.

Elderly special needs Meyers

Loves - Rope perches, crinkly paper, cotton, thin balsa slices, foraging, seagrass, scritches, naps and peanut butter jelly sandwiches.

Hates - Food scoopers, people changing his cage papers, & anyone who doesn't have time for a long leisurely scritch session.

Black Capped Caique

Loves - All things leather, foraging, BirdyBooty party swings, paper, thin woods, cotton rope, grapefruit juice, biting fingers and getting jazzed up.

Hates - Hats, coats, stepping up & strangers.

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